Presenting a promise ring to your girl

Love is the best thing that can happen between two people. Being in a relationship with someone you cherish and hope to grow old with is the wish of every human being. People scale different heights to show how truly they love their partners. Some go to the extent of buying their lovers valuable items like cars or even a mansion. There are different stages of love that come before marriage. Starting with dates to the final proposal, lovers use different things to symbolize the unity of their relationship. They also make pledges that also require the use of items like rings to symbolize their covenant.

Rings are a common item of symbolism in most relationships, from making promises to engagement and marriage. Couples prefer not just common rings but valuable rings like small diamond promise ring to represent the value of their relationship. Selecting the perfect ring for your partner is always a hard task for most couples especially men. They do traverse different jewelry stores with their own set of expectations trying to figure out which ring is best for their girl. Having bought their rings, the method of presenting it can be tough to some of them. Here are the steps you should take before presenting a promise ring to your girl.


Get a perfect location where you can present that ring to you girl. Every town or city has its own romantic spot where002 lovers meet up. The location should most probably be properly lit and of less noise. You can get a location where you feel comfortable or a place which is of great significance to you may be that spot you had your first kiss. With all that, find the perfect moment to put that ring on her finger.


Prepare your words

This can be a nervous moment depending on your relationship. Let her know your reason for buying her a promise ring and also understand the reason why you love her. Do not forget to pledge your commitment to the unity between you two and tell her what you promise to do to make your union even better. You should expect any reaction if you do it as a surprise for her.

003Encase it

Present it like a gift by wrapping it in a ring case. Most people do not consider it classy pulling the ring out of the pocket like you are dishing out coins. Treat that day special like Christmas or Valentine’s Day by casing that ring to look attractive. You can open it yourself or together and understand its significance.